Traveling with Children

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Colleen Lanin, travel expert and founder of, shares some of her tips for motion sickness-free travel:

Traveling with Children

As a family travel blogger and author of The Travel Mamas’ Guide, I travel A LOT. It’s part of my job description as a travel writer. You might be surprised to find out, then, that my daughter and I often suffer from motion sickness. Airplanes, sailboats, buses, rental cars, cruise ships…we have used every one of these to transport us during our family’s journeys. And all of these modes of transportation sometimes cause us to experience motion sickness, but it doesn’t keep us from getting out there and exploring the world and it shouldn’t stop you either!

Lets Ask an  Expert

Let’s Ask an Expert...

Mark Savant, M.D., leads Savant Wellness (, a San Francisco-based concierge medical practice focused on personal care and prevention and, a site providing health and wellness videos.

Who suffers from motion sickness?

Motion sickness is very common and it can occur for just about anyone travelling, especially when in cars, boats, trains, planes and other vehicles. However, women, migraine sufferers, children around the ages of 12, pregnant women and those diagnosed with inner ear illnesses seem more susceptible to motion sickness.

What is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness, a common condition that affects millions of people, can put a damper on travel plans. It can occur during car, plane, train or boat travel (and even when watching a movie or playing video games).

Travel Must-Haves

Travel Must-Haves

Treatment for Adults

ORIGINAL FORMULA - Dramamine® Original Formula is the only leading brand for motion sickness formulated for children 2 years and over and adults.

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Treatment for Children

Great-tasting dye-free Grape DRAMAMINE®
FOR KIDS - Dramamine® for Kids is the only medicated motion sickness relief product formulated just for children ages 2-12!

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